Monday, May 4, 2009

Review of the Movie 'Royal Kill' directed and written by Babar Ahmed

Royal Kill Movie Review
By Eddy Sumar

Will Good Triumph? Or will Evil Continue to Triumph?

Mr. Babar Ahmed, in his movie ‘Royal Kill,’ introduces a novel idea to the Western world. His movie ‘Royal Kill’ breaks with the status quo. In the West, there is a clear division between good and evil, black and white. In the East, the Yin and the Yang allow us to mix the two into a seamless transition. In his movie, he has combined ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ into one. There is no division; no wonder some western viewers get confused. They want to see the clear division between the two. They want good to triumph over evil.

The movie defies our normal notions. It starts with a view of the Himalayas. Here the audience anticipates seeing crystal clear blue skies with pure and pristine snowcapped mountains that glisten and shine among the deep brown color of the exposed part of the mountain. Instead, the Himalayan scene is hazy and the purity of the scene is marred by the violence of war and the smoke of bombs. The scene portrays the injustice that is taking place in the world, where the strong devour the weak; the wealthy manipulate the poor and enslave the disadvantaged. The scene calls on the United Nations and the United States to act. Instead of action there is inaction. There is a deafening silence in the face of imperialism and occupation!

Next, the movie introduces the dying King who entrusts the welfare of his last Heiress to Adam. Adam appears to be the force for good. And Nadia is introduced as the force for evil. The Heiress is in America with her American guardian. She does not know that she is a princess. She lives an unpretentious and simple life.

Adam is trying to locate the princess to protect and preserve her. Nadia is seen pursuing the princess to kill her. The viewer is rooting for Adam—the protector and preserver. Here Mr. Babar Ahmed creates a twist where Adam and Nadia become one. Good and evil unite. And the so-called protector and preserver becomes the destroyer. Yes, Adam the protector becomes the destroyer and kills the princess. Adam the preserver becomes the despoiler and deprives the audience from seeing good triumph over evil.

This twist disappoints the audience that is looking for the moment for Adam to destroy Nadia and rescue the princess. The audience is looking for the knight on the white horse who will lead the princess to a fairytale ending—happy ever after. The ending is anything but happy ever after. It portrays the harsh reality of our world where evil keeps on gaining ground; where the wealthy and powerful keep on manipulating the poor, the weak and the disadvantaged. The ending shows our world without the mask. The movie unmasked our ugliness, hypocrisy and inaction.

The final scene shows Adam directed towards Washington D.C., the seat of the Super Power. It makes us think. Why? Is Adam telling us that the United States of America, by virtue of her world status, power and position ought to be the defender of the weak and downtrodden? The princess was the last heiress. Similarly the United States is the last Super Power. Will the US meet the same end as the princess? Or will good triumph over evil?

Mr. Babar Ahmed brings to the screen a realism that is without hypocrisy and unmasks our inner ugliness in the hopes that we realize that those in positions of power should be the protectors and preservers. Yes, the scene of our personal Himalaya should be pure, pristine and perfect in its beauty.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who is OTIS?

Yesterday, November 15, 2008, I attended the musical play The Sound Of Music. My niece Kaela acted the role of Brigitta. She was great! While talking to a new acquaintance, I mentioned the Otis Principle. That is when this new acquaintance asked: What is the Otis Principle? And who is OTIS?

In this post, I would like to talk about OTIS.

OTIS is the hero, the main character in the book A Treasure Hunt With Otis--Acquiring the Wisdom Needed to Navigate the Journey of Life by Eddy A. Sumar and published by Xlibris in 2008. In the book, OTIS accompanies the reader through five journeys that speak to five different concepts a person encounters along the way during the journey called life. In every journey the reader learns about new ways, new insights, and new perspectives. Then, the new found treasure is added to the reader's treasure chest.

The name OTIS is a beautiful acronym. It embodies the essence of OTIS. The 'O' reminds us of the quality of Open-mindedness. This quality is key to discovery and to seeking new opportunities. The 'T' insists that for us to be the best we can be and to reach our ultimate potential, we need to keep an open mind to seek new opportunities, but most importantly we need to build the TRUST. Yes, we need to become trustworthy in every thing we do and in every respect. The 'T' also reminds us that to progress, we need to seek the edge in new Technology.

Now, the 'I' highlights that an OTIS is man or woman of INTEGRITY. Integrity is vital for one's success and happiness. Integrity reminds us, among many things, that becoming whole in a moral and ethical way is also crucial for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. With integrity we inspire others and ourselves. Thus, the 'I' also means that an OTIS is Inspiring. Next, the 'S' tells us that an OTIS is always on the move, always Searching, Seeking the truth with reliability. An OTIS is always looking for SOLUTIONS and alternatives. The heart of OTIS is TRUST and INTEGRITY. In my opinion, this is the key to success and happiness.

Now, when we combine the meaning of OTIS with the OTIS Principle, which principle emphasizes the Holistic and Balanced approach in our life, then an OTIS that lives by the OTIS Principle, that employs the OTIS Factor, cannot help but be on the way to success and happiness. An OTIS loves GOD, MAN and LIFE.

I wonder, if every human being on the face of this earth decided to become an OTIS, what would our life be? I wonder if every person employed the OTIS Principle and adopted the OTIS Factor, what would our life be?

I also wonder if homeowners applied the OTIS Principle, would they have been deceived by unscrupulous mortgage brokers or predator lenders?

I wonder if every CEO in America and the world became an OTIS, applied the OTIS Principle, and adopted the OTIS Factor, would the economy and the markets have been affected the way we experienced them recently?

I believe that if every human being became an OTIS, the world would be a better place.

Thus, I would like to challenge every CEO on the planet to become an OTIS. I call for the founding of the International OTIS Club for CEOs. Why, when a CEO becomes an OTIS, you know that the heart of this newborn OTIS is TRUST and INTEGRITY, qualities that are greatly lacking in our modern day economy and markets. A CEO who is trustworthy and full of integrity will not look for his or her own interest, but for the interest of all stakeholders.

Once more, I urge all to become an OTIS and experience the difference!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The OTIS Factor

What is the OTIS FACTOR? It is an acronym that spells:

O: Open-minded to seek the Opportunity
T: Trust and Technology
I: Inspiring with Integrity
S: Seeking, Searching for Solutions and the truth with reliability

F: Focus, Forward movement, Flexibility, and Fulfillment
A: Attitude and Action
C: Creativity
T: Teamwork
O: Objectives and Opinions of the Other person
R: Relationships

The OTIS Principle

In a world that is changing by the nano-second, we cannot afford to float aimlessly in life without direction and purpose. Life is beautiful! And to navigate the journey of life successfully we need to adopt the OTIS Principle.

What is the OTIS Principle? The OTIS Principle is a balanced and holistic approach to healthy living as well as personal and professional success.

The OTIS Principle embodies the OTIS FACTOR. When we adopt the OTIS Principle and employ the OTIS FACTOR, then we will experience the OTIS Effect. The OTIS Effect is about fulfillment, success, and happiness.